Woodwicks - Pack of 10 (Laminated Type)

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Our new laminated candle woodwicks are an ideal choice for use with difficult to wick waxes, such as the denser soy waxes and rapeseed waxes. These wood wicks should be trimmed to ~3-5mm above the wax surface before lighting and will burn with a subtle and relaxing crackling sound.

Tehnically, these wicks are extremely easy to use. Simply pour your candles, wait until they begin to set and then add the woodwick and sustainer...voila! No need to mess around with supports or centering tools as these wicks stay where they are put.

Available in 4 sizes and sold in packs of 10, complete with sustainers. Additional sustainers may also be purchased, should you wish to cut these wicks into shorter lengths.

These woodwicks are laminated (2 pieces of wood fixed together).  This type of woodwick is best suited to vegetable wax blends and may produce an excessive flame if used with paraffin or blended waxes.

The lengths of the wood wicks are:

Small:     80mm
Medium:  125-130mm
Large:     125-130mm
X-Large:  125-130mm

Whilst the burn pool will vary depending on the wax you are using, the below diameters are a useful start point.

S:   50-60mm
M:   60-70mm
L:    70-80mm
XL:  80-90mm


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