Woodwick - Pro Series - 6mm x 67mm - Crackle

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The 6mm x 67mm Crackling pro wick is suitable for 10cl Glasses and for Triple Wicking

Sustainers sold separately.

Our new pro candle woodwicks are an ideal choice for those looking to gain more control over their wicking and reduce unit costs.  You can buy 1 or 1000 for ultimate flexibility.

The pro series woodwicks are single strip (non laminated) and will burn in paraffin waxes and blended waxes in single wick configurations.  We have tested these in CS1, CS2 and SASOLWAX amongst others.

They can also be used in vegetable waxes, such as soy or rapeseed, but usually need to be doubled up for this application.  See wicking configurations below...


Single Wick:  Paraffin or blended waxes (i.e. CS1, CS2, SASOLWAX)

Double Wick & Double Half Wick:  Vegetable waxes (CB-135, C3 etc)

Triple Half Wick:  Very hard to wick combinations (i.e. where everything else fails).



Unlike cotton wicks, woodwicks have limited size options available, so adjusting them can be more difficult than when using standard wicks.  In essence, you either need to alter the wodwick (i.e. by trimming a thin strip off the edge to reduce the flame size) or change the wax composition.  The latter is usually achieved by adding a small amount of beeswax to 'throttle' the capillary action by increasing viscosity.  This requires a lot of practise, but can deliver excellent results.  If you need to reduce viscosity, this can be achieved by adding a small amount (5-10%) of CS1 wax.  This will usually increase the size of the melt pool.  In natural wax systems, coconut wax achieves similar results.

The wick should always be trimmed so that 5mm or less is above the wax before lighting for the first time.  Failure to do so can result in poor performance and the wick extinguishing during the burn.

If the wick extinguishes during burning, the likelihood is that the blend is not right for the wick.  You can try reducing the level of fragrance or adding pump strips as shown in the above configurations.  Non-crackling pump strips (available in 6mm x 67mm) are made from softwood and offer a big increase in fuel, whereas crackling pump strips (also 6mm x 67mm) offer a lower increase.  Doubling up the wick effectively turns the system into a laminated wick.  Experimentation is key!

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