Candle Wick

Candle Shack stocks the largest selection of pre-waxed candle wicks in Europe.  We believe our expertise in this area is unrivalled. We stock the majority of Wedo's container wicks, which are ideal for paraffin and blended wax candles, as well as our TB series wicks. 

Our CL wicks, along with Wedo's Stabilo wicks are the best choice for vegetable wax blends.

Some of the wicks we stock are: LX wicks, ECO wicks, V wicks, TG wicks, PGS wicks, VRL wicks, TB wicks, CL wicks and a collection of wooden wicks and accessories.

If you need some help in choosing a candle wick, head over to the academy and check out the article on 'choosing the correct wick for your candle'.  The article provides information on all of our wicks.

All of our candle wicks are waxed and cut in our contract manufacturing facility, using specially made machinery.  The majority of our candle wicks are fitted with 6.4mm long-neck sustainers for enhanced safety.  Check out the wick manufacturing article for further details on how our candle wick assemblies are manufactured.

For larger clients, ordering 1000 or more wicks, we can offer custom lengths in bulk quantities.  We have multiple wicking machines and regularly fulfil custom wick orders ranging from just 1000 wicks, up to 100,000 wicks.