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House of BlueBelle

House of BlueBelle is owned and operated by entrepreneur Sarah Keeley.  Based in the beautiful Chilterns and specialising in luxury home, bath and body products, Sarah has built her business from the ground up into a successful small business.  

"I cannot explain enough how the iMelt has totally changed my working life within my business.  It has given me back valuable time to grow my business in other areas and has also saved me a lot of money - it truly is a piece of equipment that is an absolute must for every single candle making business.

I started my business years ago, very much on a hobby basis; I then launched properly in 2015.  The first Christmas was exhausting! I had 8 metal jugs on a constant turn around on hotplates to melt the wax, then cool to the right temperatures and then to be at pouring temp…this was arduous and also a very expensive task.  I spent more than a few evenings working through the night to make my orders in time for events and customers – this is when I had discussions with Cheryl and Duncan on what I should do as I was on my knees.  After our calls, I decided that the iMelt was definitely for me.

When the iMelt arrived it was so easy to set up.  You simply plug in, fill with your wax, set the temperature you desire and then let it slowly melt, it truly is as simple as that – it is genius!

I normally fill my wax melter up at night as by the morning it has all melted and to the right temperature, it stays set at this temperature unless I change the set up for it to heat or cool. Although you might look at the price and wonder if the iMelt could possibly be worth the money, I can 1000% assure you that it is worth every single penny.

It’s economical, it saves you so much time, you literally just open the valve and pour straight into your pouring jugs. You constantly have kilos of melted wax available to you at the right temperature and when I go on holiday I simply switch off and it’s honestly the very first thing I switch back on once returning…even before the kettle for a cup of tea!

My business would not be where it is at all if I didn’t have the iMelt - I am very confident to say that it is my most important piece of equipment within my business and I truly do not know what I would do without it. The added bonus on any purchase from Candle Shack is the constant and continuous support that the close team give you.

I cannot thank Duncan, Cheryl and the Candle Shack team enough, thank god my days of melting jugs of wax on a hotplate are over and honestly, forget buying any soup kettle and all the other melting options, I have tried them all and the iMelt is the very best option and in three sizes you can take your pick for where you are comfortable at and for where your business is at.

Sarah Keeley
House of BlueBelle

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