SASOL 6213

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SASOLWAX 6213 Container Wax is a professional-grade blend of highly refined paraffin wax and triglycerides, designed specifically for use in Glass & Container candles. Manufactured in Germany by market leader SASOLWAX, it has a low meltng point of ~48C.

SASOLWAX 6213 has very good plasticity, but is prone to shrinking, so is not a one-pour wax.  It does however offer outstanding consistency, scent throw and long-term stability.

With its creamy smooth appearance,  ability to hold fragrance and  excellent burning properties, this container wax is one of the most widely used by professional candle manufacturers in Europe. SASOLWAX 6213 container wax is delivered in 5kg slabs.

Wicking:  SASOLWAX can work well with LX, TG, V and several other wicks.  For further guidance, please refer to our Academy article on choosing a candle wick.

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