Tealight Wax (SASOL 5203)

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Ever wondered why your tealights don't burn as well or smell as strong as professionally produced tealights?  Read on...

SASOLWAX 5203 is a hard paraffin wax with a low melt-point designed specifically for use in tea-light candles.  This is a professional grade tealight wax with a very tight congealing point and excellent scent throw.  5203 can also be used as an additive to increase the congealing point of softer waxes.  5203 does shrink, so pouring cool or remelting the surface are advisable.  Blending it with container waxes can also create excellent blends, both for tealights and larger candles.

SASOLWAX 5203 is supplied in pastille format. 

Wick Selection
We would recommend the use of Heinz Jahnsen TD13, TD15 or TD17 tealight wicks with this wax.  The exact wick will depend on the fragrance used and can be ascertained through burn testing.

SASOLWAX 5203 has very strong scent throw, so does not require as much oil as softer container blends.  5-7% is typical, although the wax may hold more in certain cases.

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