Luxury 30cl Glass - Clear

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The Candle Shack Luxury 30cl candle container is slightly larger than other 30cl glasses on the market.

With walls around 5mm thick, this container offers a nice point of difference to other jars that are available in the UK market.  Whilst the thick walls provide a feeling of weight and luxury, they also reduce the internal diameter of the jar to 72mm, which makes wicking that little bit easier than in other jars of similar diameter.  



Outside Diameter (Top): 81mm

Internal Diameter (Top): 72mm

Base Diameter: 76mm

Height: 102mm


The jar holds 220g of wax when filled to 10mm from the rim.



These jars do not fit into the folding 30cl boxes currently on the web site, as they are taller than the 30cl Karen.  We will be adding boxes, specifically for these jars soon.

The glasses DO fit into the tube boxes.

The 30cl lids (without silicone) DO fit these jars.  The silicone lined lids will NOT fit these jars.

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