IGI 4630A Container Blend


A true professional grade container blend from IGI and one of the most powerful in terms of scent throw.

The 4630 "Harmony Blend" is easy to work with, holds 9% fragrance, adheres well to containers, and requires no additional additives.

This wax is a true one-pour blend and a direct replacement for our ever popular CS1 blend.

The wax holds colour extremely well and has the best hot and cold scent throw of almost any wax we have tried in recent years.

Wicking can be challenging in large containers, but small ECO wicks (Eco 1, 1.5 and 2), medium LX wicks (LX 12, 14, 16) and V wicks (6, 7, 8, 10) are all workable with the right blend.  Testing is thoroughly recommended!

If you do find this wax very difficult to wick, it can be 'tamed' by adding 20-30% soy wax, SASOL 6213 or SASOL 5203 waxes to make some excellent blends.  



The weight of each slab varies slightly.  This is not significant, but may need to be taken into consideration when blending if extreme accuracy is required.

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