EcoSystem MB1 - Soy Melt Blend

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EcoSystem MB1 is a 100% natural wax that is optimised for use in freestanding and moulded wax products, such as pillar candles, wax melts and wax tarts. This wax is Vegan friendly.

It is delivered in powder form for convenience and can hold up to 10% of most fragrances without any problems.

This wax has a beautiful appearance, with little or no frosting and is compatible with a wide range of liquid and solid dyes.  Quite simply, we think this is the best wax on the market for making wax melts, which is why we called it MB1.

Like all vegetable waxes, this wax should not be heated above 80C, other than for a very short period if dissolving hard-to-melt dye chips.  We use this wax in our wax melt products and it delivers an excellent aesthetic and very good scent throw.  Cold throw can be limited immediately after pouring/cooling, but don't worry, as this wax cures very quickly and the scent becomes very strong after 24-48 hours.

We usually pour this wax at around 60-70 Deg C into clamshells, but it may be possible to pour cooler if you are in a hurry.  As ever, the golden rule is to ensure the wax and fragrance mixture is homogenous (not cloudy) and well mixed before pouring.

This wax should also be suitable for pillar candles, but we do not make these, so I cannot recommend a wick, other than assuming CL or Stabilo wicks are most likely to work best.

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