Porex Coloured eReeds For Diffusers

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Making reed diffusers can be challenging, with poor evaporation, reed clogging and poor scent throw being the most common complaints. eReeds make diffuser production easy. Designed not to clog and with no requirement to flip, Porex eReeds offer a modern alternative that uses cutting edge science whilst retaining the look and feel we know and love. Try eReeds with Augeo diffuser base for a diffuser that just works! Our eReeds are 3.5mm thick and 250mm long. We use eReeds and Augeo for our luxury diffusers and for our private label clients worldwide and have never found a diffuser system that works as well. About eReeds Specially engineered POREX® e-Reed™ Diffuser Wicks feature high-performance capillarity and fragrance diffusion along the entire length of the wick as well as a homogeneous porous structure that provides a controlled and reliable rate of fragrance release. Now available in black, white and natural, the Porex colored e-Reed offers design flexibility and color selections to meet a broad variety of décor and accent possibilities. Key benefits include: For use in solvent-based fragrances Fast wicking Excellent fragrance "throw" Engineered not to clog Color-Fast manufacturing technology "No Flip" reeds

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