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Choosing the correct wick for your candle is often the most difficult part of candle making.  The wick must generate enough heat (through capillary action) to establish a good melt pool, whilst not being so large that it fails to self-trim.  A correctly wicked candle should have a stable flame and a consistent 5-10mm deep melt pool.  

Paraffin candles tend to burn with a concave profile, whereas vegetable wax candles tend to burn out to the edge of the jar on each burn.  When correctly wicked, both will result in all (or most) of the wax being consumed; they simply burn in a different way.

The amount of heat generated by a candle wick is determined by the type and size of wick used.  Candle wicks are available in a variety of styles, including: flat wick, round wick and cored wicks.  Flat wicks and cored wicks are the most suitable for container candles.

Whilst most wicks are predominantly made from braided cotton, the addition of core materials can also assist with rigidity and burn temperature.   Popular cores include cotton, zimc, tin silver, nylon and paper.

Our wicks are supplied pre-cut to 11cm, pre-waxed and are fitted with a 15mm long-neck metal sustainer.