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Private Label Candle Process

A private label candle project can take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to complete depending on the product complexity and volumes required.  At Candle Shack, over 90% of our private label candle projects are completed within 6 weeks of receiving a decision to proceed.

Our minimum order quantity varies by product, but can be as little as 1,000 for branded products.  We also work with well-known global brands on projects delivering 50,000+ candles, so have considerable flexibility.  

An outline of the steps in getting from initial enquiry to delivery of the final product are outlined below.


Initial Enquiry:

The first stage in the process is to introduce yourself and your business to us and provide a rough idea of what you are looking for.  This is usually done by email, although some clients do prefer to call or meet face-to-face at our Stirlingshire based office (FK5 3NS).  Once we know who you are and if we think we can help you, we will send you a brochure outlining our various services and product options.

At the back of the brochure you will find a checklist outlining the information we require to provide an initial quotation.  Once we receive this information, we will arrange an initial call to clarify the requirement, so please also leave a contact telephone number.  As a trusted advisor to many luxury candle brands, we have considerable experience in all aspects of bringing a product to market and most clients find this initial 5-10 minute call invaluable. 

Initial Proposal:

Once we have a reasonable understanding of the project, we will provide you with an initial proposal.  Whilst not 100% accurate at this stage, the proposal document should help you to decide whether or not the project is feasible. 

We believe in being transparent with our clients from the outset.  Even at this early stage, you will receive an all-inclusive price outlining: product costs, any set-up costs and even delivery costs, so there are no surprises later in the project.


Product Development:

If, having received the initial quotation, you deem the project to be viable within your time and budget constraints, we can then spend a little more time refining the finer details of the product(s).  This stage usually involves some design, sampling and prototype activity.  We have a wide range of sample options available, in areas including: fragrance, containers and packaging. 

Final Proposal:

With the final product details teased out and any samples approved, we will provide an official proposal and outline payment terms.  Our terms are pro-forma for all new clients.

Decision Point and Payment:

You decide whether or not to proceed with the project.  If you decide to proceed, we will issue an invoice and once settled, we can proceed to manufacturing. 


Ordering Components:

We will order the components (i.e. containers, labels, fragrances, boxes, wicks and any other items not already held in stock).  As the components arrive, we will book a production slot and update you on target delivery dates. 

This is the longest stage for most projects, particularly if printed boxes or bespoke fragrances are required.


Once all of the components arrive, we will hand-pour your candles in our Stirlingshire based factory. The products will then be inspected before being labelled and boxed as required. 


Once the candles are booked into production, we will contact you to confirm a suitable delivery date.

Candle orders are generally shipped on pallets.  We have found this to be the safest means of getting the candles to you intact.  We can also provide the order 'Ex Works' should you wish to arrange collection using your own courier.



Around a month after you take delivery, we will request feedback on both the products and service you received.  We will use this feedback to improve our products and services for future projects.