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Paraffin Wax

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Paraffin or 'mineral' waxes are by far the most popular candle waxes in use today.  Whilst vegetable waxes (sometimes referred to as natural waxes) are becoming increasingly popular, paraffin wax remains the natural choice for most manufacturers and brand owners. 

When made correctly, paraffin candles will burn slowly and cleanly and have a number of advantages over vegetable waxes.  Paraffin wax blends well with most fragrances and produces significantly greater scent throw than an equivalently sized vegetable wax candle.  This is why many luxury brands continue to use paraffin wax, despite the natural credentials of soy, rapeseed and other waxes.

In addition, paraffin wax is much easier to use than vegetable wax, so is the natural choice for beginners.  If you would like any advice on choosing a wax, please contact us.