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Essential & Nature Identical Oils

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EcoSystem Natural Fragrance

This section contains natural fragrances for those looking to create the most natural candles and diffusers possible.

Most of the oils in this section are 100% pure essential oil blends, containing no solvents or synthetics, just pure natural extracts.

Some of the oils contain mostly essential oils, but have been enhanced with 'nature identical' oils.  These are commercially produced oils which are identical to oils that can be found in nature.  Whilst themselves expensive, these nature identical oils do enable the creation of blends that would not otherwise be viable due to cost, batch-to-batch inconsistency, seasonality or legality (i.e. harvesting them is banned).  They smell exactly the same as their natural counterparts.

The blends in this section have been created by our Research & Development Laboratory to work in natural waxes and particularly in EcoSystem blends.  We recommend usage of around 6%, although they have been tested at up to 10%.  These oils should be stirred thoroughly (but gently) for at least 1-2 minutes within the wax prior to pouring, as they may not blend as easily as perfume oils.

Given the natural origin of these products, it is recommended that you conduct confirmatory burn testing each time you receive a new batch.  All products in this section will be shipped with a batch number for traceability and to reduce the testing burden.