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Candle Wicks

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Candle Shack offers a variety of candle wicks suitable for container candle applications.  The main wicks we stock are specially developed flat wicks, utilising unbleached cotton with linen or paper thread.  

Whilst exact wick sizes will depend on fragrance and colour, the table below should help in wick selection.  Please help us to update this table by providing feedback

We recommend ordering one wick size either side for testing.

Container Diameter EcoSystem RS1 GW-464   Naturewax C3 CS2 SASOLWAX

CL 16/17
Stabilo 16

Stabilo 18

Stabilo 12

LX14, V12, TG14
Stabilo 10

70mm CL14
Stabilo 14
Stabilo 16
  CL16 Stabilo 10
LX12, V10, TG12
ECO 1.5, Stabilo 8
65mm CL12
Stabilo 12
Stabilo 14
  CL14 Stabilo 8
LX10, V8, TG10
ECO 1, Stabilo 7
60mm CL10
Stabilo 10
Stabilo 12
  CL12 Stabilo 7
V6, TG8, ECO 1
Stabilo 6


 The charts provided on this web site are meant to serve only as a guide for our customers to assist them in wick selection. Many variables exist in candle wax types, additives and formulations for individual candle systems. Final wick selection should always be confirmed through the customer's own testing process to determine if a particular wick is the correct choice for a particular candle system. Candle Shack is not responsible for selections made by the customer using any of the reference material contained on this web site. For optimal burn performance in specific candle systems, we strongly recommend that customers conduct exhaustive burn tests in their own burn lab and consider retaining samples for their future internal reference. The importance of candle testing and data validation cannot be overstated.