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Die Cut Boxes - Extending the range

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Our low-cost folding box range is being extended to include white, black, gold and red cartons in the following sizes:

  • 10cl Candle
  • 20cl Candle
  • 27cl Candle
  • 30cl Candle
  • 100ml Diffuser

All of these boxes have glued crash-lock bases for additional security and rear-tuck lids for good on-shelf aesthetics.

The missing 27cl and 30cl colours will be added in the next few weeks.

CLP and EN 15494 Label Template

With the introduction of CLP labels for ‘mixtures’ in June 2015, candles will now need to inform customers of chemical hazards inherent within the candle. In addition to this, EN15494 provides some standardised fire safety warnings that most manufacturers choose to include, communicating perhaps the greatest risk posed by a candle.  The document linked [...]

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CLP - An introduction to CLP labelling for candles, tarts and diffusers

As promised, we have produced a short video showing the essential components of a CLP label and where to find these elements on a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). We are currently creating the new format CLP SDS for all of our oils, as well as candles and diffusers. We will initially produce [...]

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How to choose a wick?

We often get asked the best wick for a particular wax and oil by customers.  This is never an easy question to answer, as every combination of wax and oil will be different.  The key to getting it right is testing, so this guide aims to provide a method for wick selection that should help [...]

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New Fragrance Bottles

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new and improved fragrance bottles.  The much thicker bottles include a tamper evident lid and plug seal, ensuring that your fragrance arrives without leaking.  The bottle sizes have changed slightly, with 60ml, 125ml, 500ml and 1000ml versions now available.  We hope that you will be delighted with [...]

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The Dark Side

Getting beautifully branded candles in low volumes is a constant struggle for artisan candle makers.  At Candle Shack, we aim to make branding your candles easy and inexpensive, by providing professional quality packaging in low volumes at affordable prices.The image above shows how easy it is to create a brand image using Candle Shack stock [...]

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New Safety Labels

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new black safety labels.  We have had a lot of requests for safety labels with a black background for use on our black candle jars.  These are available in 50mm diameter size, which makes them suitable for 20cl, 27cl, 30cl and 50cl glassware.

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